The competition is open to anyone over 16.

Your first entry should be an original story woven round the theme below. It should be up to 40 and not more than 50 words. (By originality, we mean that such story must not have been published anywhere else, including the social media).

Make sure you know the meaning of ‘Flash Fiction’


Do not put your name on your story but ensure you give it a suitable title. Titles should be both appropriate and interesting. Save your work with your title. PDF format only. (Files should be no larger than 5MB.)

The beginning of your document (Before the story itself) must be in this format:

Your entry’s title
The word count
Your address
Your telephone number
Your e-mail address.

To enter for this contest, you need to pay a sum of #2000 only.

When paying for the contest, use your entry title as the name of the payer. Thereafter, upload the evidence of payment via the link provided.

Once your entry has been submitted, any entrant contacting the judges in an attempt to circumvent the judging process is liable to be disqualified.

Entries should be in English please (Minor dialect is allowed so far it is translated). We promote Christian and clean writing, hence, no profanity, graphic sex, obscenity or “rated-R” content will be considered.

Entries that contain these elements will be disqualified at any round.

By entering the competition, you agree to your story being published in the winners’ anthology (Copyright remains with the author though.)

The judges’ decisions are final.


We encourage you to think outside of the box, have fun and be creative with your entry. It’s simple to enter, and your writing skills will be sharpened in the course of this journey.